Why we need UK law change urgently


Soft Surgery with Plasma. Often poorly executed with cheap machines from China, little training, no back-up. Clients complain of scaring and and results lasting only for a short period if time.

Rogue beauticians are carrying out dangerous and illegal procedures which can leave women permanently disfigured, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Our undercover investigation follows a shocking rise in cases of botched treatments, with far more than 1,000 complaints by clients and doctors – double the number last year.

As the ‘New Year makeover’ season approaches, we have discovered medically unqualified beauticians offering ‘non-surgical’ nose jobs, breast enhancements and electric skin lifting – and even injecting ‘filler’ chemicals behind the eyeball.

Some of the practices exposed by our reporter are illegal. Others, which risk blindness, severe blood loss and even death, are allowed because of lax UK regulations. Many of these treatments are banned elsewhere.



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