Save Face Accredited Practitioners

Save Face Accredited Practitioner

If you are thinking of having a non-surgical cosmetic procedure or treatment, the best place to start is by looking at the Save Face Accredited Practitioners listings for your area. 

There are plenty of people, salons and clinics offering treatments, but you need to do your research. The Save Face Accredited Practitioners register is the best place to start…

Any non-surgical treatments could go wrong and potentially leave you with irreversible damage if done by someone without the correct knowledge, training and experience. 

The Save Face Accredited Practitioners members register gives you peace of mind that you are using an accredited and fully vetted practitioner. 

Dr Christian Jessen explains why using Save Face to choose a practitioner is key:

The Save Face website is a great place for finding out more about cosmetic procedures. There are guides for each treatment; what to expect, results, pain, downtime, recovery and how to handle any issues. 

By using a Save Face member, like us at Skintique, for your non-surgical cosmetic procedures you are also benefitting from the Save Face Patient Charter:

The person treating you:

  • – Is who they say they are
  • – Is a registered healthcare professional 
  • – The qualifications they claim are genuine and relevant
  • – The training they have received is appropriate
  • – Is insured
  • – Undertakes regular training updates

The environment:

  • – Complies with Health & Safety Legislation
  • – Is clean
  • – Has the necessary equipment and facilities to provide the treatments safely

The products and equipment used are:

  • – Genuine
  • – Appropriately licensed
  • – Evidence-based
  • – Sourced from legitimate suppliers
  • – Appropriately stored and maintained

Your health is your most important thing, don’t put it at risk, do your research.

To find out more about our treatments and procedures at Skintique, get in touch today.

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