Blasted by Stardust – My Experience with Plasma Shower

Acne treatment

Plasma Shower to the Rescue

It’s the day before A Level Results Day – the most perverse version of Christmas ever. You know you’re getting a present (sort of), but there’s no knowing whether it’ll be a good one or not. The only thing I do know is that my skin looks shocking. It’s Volcano Central – acne breakouts all over my face. (I recently returned from a short voyage à Paris, and those gusts of wind coming from the Metro can’t have done my skin much good.) Understandably, I could do with looking somewhat presentable tomorrow, so I head to our clinic for a quick fix and a Plasma Shower Treatment. I need my spots tamed within 24 hours.

The Stuff That Stars Are Made Of

The Plasma Shower is one of our most popular ongoing treatments for acne skin. It uses a stream of ionised gas, known as plasma, to break apart bacteria on the skin and stimulate the production of new cells. Given that plasma is the main component of stars, the idea of having it blasted over my face seemed thrilling and terrifying at the same time.
Firstly, the therapist will cleanse the skin with an antiseptic solution, and then they apply the plasma probe to any problematic areas of the face. In reality, it’s nothing more than a zap. Contrary to my inner wimp, it’s really not a painful zap at all. It feels unusual, and it can be more sensitive over certain areas of your skin, but thankfully there is no pain that lingers after the treatment is over. I would gladly have it again without any worries. This is coming from someone with a shamefully low pain threshold!

A Clearer Face Free from Acne

Upon waking up the next day, the quality of my skin had improved so noticeably that I could hardly believe it was still my own. All my small spots and blemishes had effectively dried up, giving my skin a much smoother texture. Even though I had only had one treatment at that point, I could instantly imagine the benefits of regular sessions. Having no control over your skin’s challenging behaviour is an awful feeling, particularly just before important events. Plasma shower works wonders, helping to take that control back – especially with repeated sessions.

It meant I could walk into Results Day with one less thing to worry about!


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