Not everyone needs a treatment

There are two main reason why we would offer procedures....
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Yesterday I saw a Beautiful lady in my clinic. This lady (let’s call her Z) is what we’d refer to as a “head-turner”. If you were to pass by her on a street corner or in a shop, you would turn your head to look at her again – just to admire her beauty.

She came to ask about multiple treatments, including her face and body. Needless to say, Z didn’t require any of them. In fact, she didn’t have any indications for any aesthetic treatments – she was young and very attractive.

There are two main reasons why we would usually offer procedures.

The first is beautification.

If needed, we can change the shape of your nose, chin etc to ensure that the size, ratios and angles of your facial features meet the “golden standard”. This is the ratio that miraculously makes any face look attractive. Research indicates that even babies recognise attractive gold standard faces and smile at them. We can argue that people should feel confident in their own skin regardless, but we cannot ignore the reality that some people don’t. If the treatment improves mood, self-confidence and everyday functioning, we treat – provided there are cosmetic indications for the procedure.

The second reason is ageing.

We can offer different treatment modalities to reverse the signs of ageing from the face, such as lines and skin sagginess.

But why do I write all this?

Because in my practice, I see far too many clients like Z (I won’t tag you in this post ladies, you know who you are!).

This leads me to the key message:

Please remember that we make money on natural imperfections. If we say that the treatment is not required and refuse to do it – it’s genuine.

By the way, I asked Z why she felt she needed an “upgrade”. She told me that she met a woman in a company of friends, and this lady suggested that Z was 35 years old.

Z asked me why her new acquaintance would make such a comment.
Well, why do we think she would? 🙂

Best wishes,

On the left is Lynn Yaeger, fashion editor of Vogue, who constantly criticises the style and appearance of Melania Trump. On the right – Melania Trump.

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