Hair Removal Guide: Choosing the Best Method for You

Find the right hair removal method for you

With a brand new year beginning, you may well be looking for a fresh take on your health and beauty or personal grooming regime. For most people, hair removal is a significant part of that regime. Excess hair has a habit of appearing where it’s far from welcome and can have a detrimental effect on your self-esteem.

That’s why finding the right hair removal method for your needs is so important. The following guide to hair removal answers common questions and highlights the pros and cons of key methods. With it, we aim to help you decide whether to stick with your current form of hair removal or try a different one in 2020.

Shaving: Swift But Leads to Stubble

Stepping into the shower with a razor is second nature for many people. Shaving is quick, inexpensive and straightforward (though it does take time to refine your shaving technique).

How do you achieve a close shave? You need to work against the direction of hair growth.

The trouble with a manual razor is that it’s all too easy to sustain nicks and cuts. Shaving rash and ingrown hairs are also common. If you frequently encounter problems, perhaps try an electric razor instead.

Razors – manual and electric-only trim hair, so you’ll notice stubble in a day or two.

Plucking: Works Well on Small Areas

Tweezers are handy for shaping eyebrows and removing the odd stray hair elsewhere.

The problem with plucking is that it hurts. Can you make the process more comfortable? Placing a warm, damp facecloth over the skin for a couple of minutes beforehand helps.

Plucking is time-consuming, as you’re pulling out hairs individually, so it’s best reserved for small areas. It makes brows look neat and leaves skin smooth. Just be prepared to pluck the regrowth every few days.

A similar hair removal technique, threading, involves rolling thread over unwanted hair. As several hairs are plucked out at once, threading is painful, but you’ll get good short-term results.

Depilatory Cream: Simple But Messy

Using depilatory cream to break down hair is a pain-free form of hair removal. It’s easy but messy. After a few minutes, the hair is weak enough to be wiped away.

Some people dislike the cream’s ‘chemical’ odour. What’s more, if you don’t keep an eye on the time, you might leave it on too long and suffer burns.

You can expect hair-free skin but will see regrowth in a few days.

Waxing: Effective But Painful

When wax is applied to the skin then (brace yourself!) rapidly pulled off with cloth or paper strips, it takes unwanted hair with it, leaving skin smooth.

Is waxing worth the pain? The results are good – you’ll be hair-free for several weeks. A major disadvantage is that you can’t wax again as soon as regrowth appears (the hair needs to be just over 0.5 cm long).

If you can’t bear painful waxes, you could consider sugaring (in which a sugary paste is used in place of wax) instead. It hurts less and has similar results.

Epilation: Suitable for Short Hair But Also Painful

Epilation is even more likely to make you yell ‘ouch!’ than waxing. Think of an epilator as a series of mechanical tweezers, pulling out hair by the roots.

So why do some people choose epilation? It gives you hair-free skin for several weeks and is suitable for even very short hair. The downside is that you may dread repeating the experience.

Laser Hair Removal: A Safe, Permanent Solution

Most hair removal methods have a big disadvantage: the results are only temporary.

Laser hair removal is different: it offers permanent results. How does it work? The laser’s energy travels right into the root of each hair and heats it up, greatly reducing growth or stopping it completely for silky smooth skin.

As health resource WebMD says, ‘Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time.’

At Skintique’s doctor-led Leicester laser hair removal clinic, our fully trained practitioners use the advanced DiolazeXL system. It treats relatively large areas speedily for your convenience.

Laser hair removal is safe, effective and comfortable. It’s suitable for all skin and hair types, as well as sensitive parts of the face and body.

Naturally, a course of treatment costs more than something like a wax, but you’ll save money in the long run. While laser hair removal isn’t a ‘quick fix’, just six sessions is sufficient for many clients to see impressive results.

With regards to preparing for laser hair removal, you need to avoid both sun exposure and shaving shortly before each session. These are just minor inconveniences, though, and help to pave the way for beautiful, hair-free skin.

Leicester Laser Hair Removal Experts

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Make 2020 the year you say goodbye to unwanted hair for good.

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