Tackle your skin issues for a glowing complexion with face treatments from Skintique Clinic

Face the world with confidence

Whether it’s a cheeky wink, sparkling smile or a petulant frown, our faces tell our stories and we shouldn’t let the arrival of those first fine lines and wrinkles affect how we feel about facing the world. Finding the best face treatments for you can be bewildering and costly, so it is worth getting in touch and booking a consultation to explore the many options available. Whether you are looking for a subtle, revitalising skin treat, or something more intensive, we can help you identify the right skin and face treatments for you.

Dispelling some myths on face treatments

Many people assume that the best skin care and face treatments can only be achieved with invasive procedures that leave you sore and in need of healing time. That’s a myth that we can dispel right now! We have a whole range of face treatments and skincare solutions that are tailored to your individual needs, the key is to begin with a consultation with our own Dr Natalia Hancock, a Save Face accredited practitioner with over 20 years’ experience as a medic. Discussing your needs and looking at what you want to achieve will help Dr Hancock recommend a personal approach that works for you

Some of the best face treatments available 

Doublo Gold® 3rd Generation HiFu

Also known as the non-surgical facelift, and with very good reason. HiFu, or High Intensity Focused Ultrsound, applies a low dose of energy deep into the skin and surrounding tissue sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. A loss of tone around the jawline, cheekbones that no longer have that sharp definition you used to enjoy flaunting, these are the signs of ageing that you cannot disguise, but HiFu can successfully restore that youthful definition to cheekbones and jawline, lifting the skin around the eyebrows, eyelids and mouth. Painless, quick, and with results that last in excess of 18 months, HiFu delivers the fresh, beauty of youthful skin.

Forma RF Skin Tightening

Based on a clinical success story (A.C.E. technology), Forma harnesses radiofrequency energy to improve skin elasticity and stimulate the creation of new collagen. If you feel self-conscious about a loss of skin elasticity, Forma could be your new favourite treatment. A serious of weekly sessions (30 minutes) can generate contraction in the upper arms, abdomen and other areas where loss of tone has occurred. Forma can be used to stimulate collagen production across the forehead, nasolabial area, eyelids and smile lines, rejuvenating the face and restoring the fresh, wide-awake look associated with younger skin. The impact is instant, lasts for around 6 months and is painless.

Spot the difference

Age spots, scars, skin tags, acne, verrucas… We could go on but if you suffer from any of these confidence-zapping conditions then you will be delighted to discover the effective skincare and face treatments we have on offer.


Lumeca uses pulsed light to improve skin problems caused by sun damage. Pigmentation problems can leave you feeling self-conscious, constantly aware of an uneven complexion, skin lacking the clarity you once took for granted. Resorting to heavy macquillage is a less than a satisfactory resolution to this problem, leaving pores feeling blocked and skin suffering breakouts. Lumeca can restore the fresh, comfortable skin you enjoyed before sun damage, making cosmetic cover-ups a thing of the past and giving you back the body confidence you deserve. Results are immediate and there is no downtime – a fast resolution for problems caused over time!

Plasma BT

Covering imperfections can be time consuming and restricting. Have you cast aside favourite dresses cast aside because you no longer feel confident about the tone loss, skin tags or age spots that leave you feeling self-conscious? Those marks that you are constantly aware of could become a memory, giving you back your confidence and some self-assured poise. Plasma BT requires a short downtime after treatment, but the results are lasting and effective. 18 months+ of improved skin, addressing the loss of collagen and elastin to refine skin tone, reduce wrinkles and address tissue damage caused by scarring, acne and stretchmarks.

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is the moisture-trapping miracle that can help you restore the smooth, glowing skin of your youth. It appears in a whole host of over-the-counter products, but the most profound results occur when used as a dermal filler. Specific and instant, targeting with precision the areas where you want to see results, right now! Dermal fillers can augment areas where moisture loss has led to the lip and cheek area becoming wrinkled and drooping, regenerating parched skin to give a plump youthful look, delivered effectively and subtly. Minimally invasive and quick, this is an injectable treatment that delivers hyaluronic acid with precision, making this the best facial treatment for areas like the tear trough, that delicate area around the eye that darkens and lose tone as we age. 6-9 months of smooth, plump, contoured skin, giving you back your youthful, fresh glow? What are you waiting for?

Your best skin

There’s a skincare solution for everyone, the skill is working out which one will be the best for you. With individually tailored treatment, planned during a thorough consultation, we can help you achieve beautiful skin and face the world with confidence.