Dermal Filler Removal

At Skintique Clinic we understand the distress caused when a treatment goes wrong at the hands of someone in-experienced.

Dermal Filler Correction & Removal

We see both ladies and gentlemen who at best have too much filler, lumpy and uneven texture, filler injected in the wrong place, a Tyndall effect where the filler is (blueish/grey tinge) and minor infections. Subject to our terms and conditions.

In all cases we see people who are left feeling very distressed, with some having ‘lived’ with the problem for months and in several cases years waiting for huge volumes of filler to be broken down naturally.

Poorly done dermal fillers at the hands of someone in-experienced? We understand the distress this can cause and offer Dermal Filler Removal from our Skintique Clinic in Leicester.

There is an escalating number of practitioners who have had little experience or training in injecting Dermal Fillers and (Medical) Aesthetic procedures, let alone know how to then correct their mistakes or even recognise them and / or a potential medical emergency.

The number of practitioners who work outside of the guidelines and protocols either intentionally disregarding them or because the only training they have had is a short 2 to 5 day course is on the increase in an industry that has little to no regulation in the UK. Often these new practitioners do not have a medical background that allows them to understand the implications of their actions but at the same time convince an unsuspecting public by using words like ‘Clinical Excellence’, ‘Fully Trained’ etc that they know what they are doing. Of course it’s only a matter of time and luck before these inadequacies show up and Dermal filler removal is needed. 

Inevitably there has been a major increase in the number of procedures that are causing minor to very severe complications including blindness from Lip injections, facial paralysis and necrosis of facial tissue.

Therefore it’s little surprise that we are seeing a sharp increase in the number of people coming to us for dermal filler removal after treatments performed by others.

Ace Group Practitioner
Dermal Filler Removal

Hyaluronidase (Hyalase used off label), is a prescription only medication that can help dissolve unwanted Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers. Although you may see an immediate improvement, it can take several weeks to work fully. This is an advanced procedure in which Hyalase is used to selectively and precisely dissolve the undesirable fillers. The dermal fillers may have been placed incorrectly, excessively or unevenly.

1. Lips and cheeks. Practitioners who are inexperienced and poorly trained often create overdone lips and cheeks. Lips or cheeks which are uneven / asymmetrical are commonly seen as well. Reversal / correction of dermal fillers can be a key step towards looking normal again.

2. Under-eye filler correction. Under eye fillers (tear troughs) is a very specialised treatment that should be performed with the utmost care and precision. This, unlike more commonly undertaken procedures such as nasolabial folds, is technically a harder and more delicate procedure. Under eye fillers or eye bag fillers as they are also known can take a long time to dissolve. If you feel that you have lumps under your eyes, or excessive bagginess caused by fillers or if you feel that your eye fillers have shifted, then we can correct them and dissolve them effectively.

Following injection into the treated area, the Hyalase acts within minutes to dissolve unwanted fillers and restore the original facial contours. The desired level of correction / reversal can usually be achieved by carefully monitoring the dose of the enzyme, with larger doses resulting in complete elimination of the filler from the injected site.

We can usually dissolve any brand of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal, Belotero, Perlane, etc.

There are very few reported side effects with hyaluronidase, bruising and swelling being the most common (as with any injections). This is usually minimal and can be covered effectively with make up. Localised allergic reactions to the enzyme can occur. This enzyme is not recommended for patients with a history of allergy to bee venom.

It is likely that you will need more than one treatment. This depends on the extent of the filler and the volume of excess filler that we are trying to dissolve, and also the brand, you may need another treatment between 3 and 5 days later. This will incur further cost.

As a guide there can be anything from 1 day to 14 days. This very much depends on the amount of filler that needs to be dissolved. Individual response. Swelling and or bruising. Plus the amount of damage done from the initial dermal filler treatment.

The cost of this procedure starts from £200 per treatment plus additional costs of any reconstruction that is usually required.

Required information prior to your initial appointment

Prior to an initial appointment with our clinic manager you will be asked to provide full details of the following:-

1. When and where the procedure took place.

2. Who performed the procedure.

3. What product was used.

4. The amount of product used.

5. A copy of your treatment record identifying the areas of injection..

6. Your full medical history

7. Before and after photos. 

If we feel after you have provided any or all the information above, that we are unable to help, we will inform as soon as possible. If you are not able to provide any of the information above we will unfortunately not be able to help.

All subject to our terms and conditions.

A no obligation consultation is available with Dr. Natalia Hancock who is highly experienced in corrective procedures, where she will advise, if we can help and on the best course of action to help you resolve any problems. 

Patients must have exhausted all routes with their current practitioner.

After taking a full medical history, Dr Natalia Hancock will discuss the treatment and your expectations with you. You will also be provided with detailed information on the procedure and the likely outcomes. Should you wish to go ahead with the treatment after a cooling-off period, another appointment will be made with Dr Hancock.

On arrival for your treatment, you will be asked to check over your medical history form to confirm that nothing has changed. You will be then asked to complete a treatment consent form.

The procedure requires several injections in the problem areas. 

You will be invited back into the clinic for review after your procedure.

After your review, further appointments may be required.

Dermal filler removal price guide

The total treatment cost will be confirmed during the initial consultation but as guide the prices start from £200. 

Depending how much filler and the brand that has been injected you may need several appointments for the removal and any corrective work that is required.

Before and after of this treatment

Your Treatment at a Glance

Treatment Time

45 Mins




Upto 14 days

Back to Work



1-6 weeks

Duration of Results



from £200

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