Visia skin analysis – medical facial assessment

VISIA from Skintique Clinic Leicester

Why your journey to optimal skin health should start with a VISIA skin analysis. When we look in the mirror at our faces, we all self-diagnose what we think are possible problems and concerns with our skin. It might be oily or dry skin, dark patches, spots, wrinkles etc. If we have a facial or […]

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation: The Key Benefits of HydraFacial with Skintique

Skin rejuvenation

HydraFacial is a relatively new skin rejuvenation treatment, that appeals to nearly all ages, complexions, and concerns. This high-tech facial that delivers consistent results wasn’t available just two years ago when Harvard Health Publishing discussed the most common skin rejuvenation treatments, but thanks to it’s consistently safe and effective results HydraFacial treatments have become far […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – part 3: dark skin patches and skin tags

This is the 3rdand final part of our three-part PCOS series. As we mentioned in part 1 (available to read here), we are lucky enough to help lots of ladies combat and manage excessive hair growth, and in part 2 (available to read here), we explored your options to alleviate and recover from acne. As […]

Lunchtime Rejuvenation with HIFU at Skintique Clinic

For significantly revitalised skin in as little as a lunch break, Skintique Clinic in Leicester are pleased to offer High Intensity Focused Ultrasound therapy (HIFU). With roots in medical science for the elimination of problematic tissue, Doublo Gold HIFU has since been adopted as a fantastic non-invasive alternative to surgical facelifts, with its concentrated ultrasonic […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – part 2: acne

This is part 2 of our three-part PCOS series where we discuss acne. As we mentioned in part 1 (available to read here), we are lucky enough to help lots of ladies combat and manage some of their PCOS symptoms. One of our team members has PCOS herself, she has been exploring what is available […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – part 1: laser hair removal

We work with ladies to help combat some of the symptoms of PCOS that they have to self-manage. One of our team members has PCOS herself and has written a 3-part blog about her experiences with the symptoms.  Part 1 is about hirsutism and laser hair removal: I was first diagnosed with PCOS when I […]

Explore Your Options to Resolve Unwanted Body Hair

unwanted body hair

2019 is flying by – the warmer months will be here before we know it, enabling us the opportunity to (safely!) soak up some Vitamin D-rich sunshine. In addition to shedding layers of clothing, the approaching better weather may also see you considering your options for the removal of unwanted or excess body hair. From […]

Acne Solutions with Skintique

acne treatments leicester

Acne is an issue that affects millions of people of different ages. According to the NHS, about 95% of people aged 11 to 30 are affected by acne to some extent, and about 3% of adults have acne over the age of 35. Acne can be an incredibly difficult condition to manage as it has […]

Be Hair Free and Carefree in time for Summer with Skintique

Unwanted or excess body hair growth can be a blow to self-confidence and inconvenient to manage on a regular basis. With the Summer months on their way, you may be considering your options for the resolution of unwanted or excess hair, to limit the amount of time spent shaving, plucking, waxing, or fretting about its […]