Acne treatment

Acne can occur at any stage of life whether you are male or female, and regardless of your skin type. It can cause a huge impact on confidence and self-esteem, but we can help you in a gentle but effective way without the need for medication.  It can happen at any point in your life. […]

Pigmentation and hyperpigmentation

If you have areas of darker skin pigmentation you are not happy with, you are not stuck with it. We have a few different options that can even out your skin tone. What is pigmentation and hyperpigmentation? All our skin has pigmentation but some of us develop patches of skin that are darker, more pigmented […]

Skin tag removal

Skin tags are non-painful, flesh coloured nodules. Although GP’s won’t now remove them for medical reasons, we can help you if you would like them removing. Do I have a skin tag? Skin tags are usually small, soft growths on your skin. They vary in size and colour but do tend to be skin/flesh toned. […]

Skin Peel

Skintique Leicester Skin Peel

Get a skin peel at Skintique to refresh and revitalise your skin and target any skin concerns Skin peels have come a long way. You no longer have to hide away for days after a treatment to let your skin shed like a snake. Our range of Alumier MD chemical peels are known for their […]

How to Get Rid of Acne

How to Get Rid of Acne

Why Do We Suffer from Acne? Acne is the body’s natural response to excess oil (sebum) being released by the grease-producing sebaceous glands, situated next to hair follicles on the skin. The excess oil combined with dead skin cells block the pores, forming a plug. According to the NHS, this excess oil changes the activity […]

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures – who do you trust with your face?

Who to trust with your face Skintique Clinic Leicester

Are you doing enough research into non-surgical cosmetic procedures, or going with the cheapest option for your facial treatments? There has been a significant rise in the number of people in the UK getting non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Over the last decade, the industry has grown by 55% and is now worth a staggering £3.6billion. 21% […]

Save Face Accredited Practitioners

Save Face Accredited Practitioner

If you are thinking of having a non-surgical cosmetic procedure or treatment, the best place to start is by looking at the Save Face Accredited Practitioners listings for your area.  There are plenty of people, salons and clinics offering treatments, but you need to do your research. The Save Face Accredited Practitioners register is the […]

Visia skin analysis – medical facial assessment

VISIA from Skintique Clinic Leicester

Why your journey to optimal skin health should start with a VISIA skin analysis. When we look in the mirror at our faces, we all self-diagnose what we think are possible problems and concerns with our skin. It might be oily or dry skin, dark patches, spots, wrinkles etc. If we have a facial or […]

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation: The Key Benefits of HydraFacial with Skintique

Skin rejuvenation

HydraFacial is a relatively new skin rejuvenation treatment, that appeals to nearly all ages, complexions, and concerns. This high-tech facial that delivers consistent results wasn’t available just two years ago when Harvard Health Publishing discussed the most common skin rejuvenation treatments, but thanks to it’s consistently safe and effective results HydraFacial treatments have become far […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – part 3: dark skin patches and skin tags

This is the 3rdand final part of our three-part PCOS series. As we mentioned in part 1 (available to read here), we are lucky enough to help lots of ladies combat and manage excessive hair growth, and in part 2 (available to read here), we explored your options to alleviate and recover from acne. As […]